One-Line Bio

    I am just one soul, hidden among the fragmented many,

    searching for wholeness within the sea of the infinite.

Christopher Pufall


I have a degree with emphasis in Physics and was employed in medical Research & Diagnostics for eleven years, primarily working with the chemistries, software, and machinery of robotics-based, polychromatic blood-analyzers. In 1998 I shifted my career to I.T., and became a manager of software development and programmer within the cable television-advertising industry here in Los Angeles. In Fall 2005, I moved back into the health-related industry as a project manager within IT (which became team manager), and then in the summer of 2007, turned right back around and rejoined my former job in cable television-advertising.

My original goal in life (coming out of high school) was to be an astronaut, but I missed that in dramatic fashion by going off on other career tangents (although I would like to go into space if commercial trips ever get affordable in my lifetime). I've been focusing more on my writing the past few years, including screenwriting, as it appears better attuned to my experiences and interests. But who knows, I've been tinkering with the idea of a late-career in robotics and AI, since it seems to be a core technological focus in this century. Dreams are nice...

I guess I'm a late bloomer when it comes to committing myself on the writing track, as I never saw value in my words sufficient to push the cause. In all honesty, there is a lot that I've placed on the back burner with regards to my passions in life. However, midlife has a unique way of waking a person up from their slumber of insecurities and pushing them to get more value out of their time and their energies. Being married and having a child also has a way of re-prioritizing and clarifying what is important in life.

I put this little site up with TypePad back in 2005 and then abandoned the updates for a good number of years. For family or friends that have a desire to peruse this site, and for me to share a bit of my thoughts and writing, I will try to reinvigorate it a bit.

My LinkedIn site is here, for more:


Writing, Red Cross (first responder training) & CERT III (community emergency response team), computers, reading (all types, as learning is everywhere), classical music, and Tangerine Dream. I have done some non-tandem skydiving, and if I ever move closer to a jump site, I will go back to it on a more routine basis. Other fun things I have enjoyed doing are flying in a sail plane, abseiling down Table Mountain (Cape Town), and going in a shark cage off the coast of Oahu to meet some 12-foot reef sharks.

My favorite movies are as follows (with those below the Top 7 or so in a sometimes varying order):

1. Dances with Wolves
2. Last Temptation of Christ
3. Ordinary People
4. Star Wars: A New Hope
5. Elephant Man
6. Excalibur
7. Shakespeare in Love
8. Magnolia
9. American Graffiti
10. Boogie Nights
11. Jaws
12. The Thin Red Line
13. Mr. Holland's Opus
14. Leaving Las Vegas
15. Crash
16. Godfather I/II
17. Schindler's List
18. There Will Be Blood
19. Patton
20. Casino

Other favorites are All the Harry Potter films, Upstream Color, A Separation, Dead Man Walking, The Right Stuff, Jerry Maguire, Bicentennial Man, Alien, Doctor Zhivago, Gandhi, Chariots of Fire, Citizen Kane, Network, The Sea Inside, Koyaanisqatsi, Ran, Kama Sutra, The Mission, South Central, Amadeus, To Kill a Mockingbird, Salaam Bombay, A Clockwork Orange, Apocalypse Now, Raging Bull, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Annie Hall, The Black Stallion, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Born on the Fourth of July, Hannah and Her Sisters, Glory, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Verdict, Superman I, The Killing Fields, The Andromeda Strain, Braveheart, Titanic, The Natural, The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover, Eraserhead, Broadcast News, Gladiator, Man of Steel, The Dark Knight Rises, The Dark Knight , Batman Begins, Kramer vs. Kramer, Tootsie, Inherit the Wind, The Ninth Configuration, Manhunter, Barton Fink, A Summer Story, Training Day, Unforgiven and My Life.

Of the past three to four decades, I found that my favorite years for movies were 1977, 1980-82 and 1995. My favorite television mini-series are Roots, Roots: The Next Generation, From the Earth to the Moon, and Jesus of Nazareth. Favorite television shows are The Tudors, Cosmos, Star Blazers (Space Battleship Yamato), Hill Street Blues, The Waltons, and Family.